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Lets get to know each other!

  • Sands, CPA is run by husband-and-wife team, Carson and Teran Sands.

  • Carson is a CPA, number cruncher, and Quickbooks wiz. If you need a special circumstance researched or want to know if you qualify to use a new tax-break, he is your guy. He reads more than anyone probably should and can talk about just about any subject. He is definitely someone you want to have in your corner.

  • Teran is an MBA with top-notch organization and planning skills. She is a master budgeter who has a knack for cutting costs and creating plans that help businesses run more efficiently. Efficiency is everything.

  • Sands, CPA was started after seeing a huge need for better service in the accounting industry for individuals and businesses. We come from a family of entrepreneurs surrounded by all types of business from tow trucks to hair salons. We've seen how good and bad accounting can greatly help or hinder a business. We've seen over and over small clients get pushed to the side and ignored in this industry time and time again.

If you pay for a service (in any industry), we believe that service should be pleasant, timely, and valuable. Period.


Our Goals:

  1. Stay Current. We are passionate about staying on top of the latest tax laws and regulations--- we all know they are constantly changing! The only way to know you are taking advantage of every tax-break possible is to be on top of all the latest tax laws and regulations. We spend a great deal of time staying up to date on the latest news and technology in our industry.

  2. Be Efficient. We are here to make life easier for you. We are always finding new ways to make this process faster and easier for our clients. The more useless work we have to do on our end, the more our services cost. We find ways to cut out those costs anywhere we can.

  3. Be Valuable. We are not here to simply get a job done and get paid or to knock out as many tax returns as possible come April 15th. We are here to provide a valuable service to our clients-- big and small. That means, we provide our clients with tools and information they need to make positive changes in the upcoming year.

  4. Be Timely. Nothing is more frustrating than sending work to someone only to wait forever for a response. Accountants and Lawyers seem to be the worst at this! We focus on being present for our clients and returning calls and emails quickly. Simple as that.









Texas Tech University
Masters of Science in Accounting 

Texas Tech University
B.B.A., Accounting

Activities & Affiliations

• Texas State Board of Public Accountancy, Licensee
• AICPA, Member
• Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor Program, Pro Advisor