Certified Public Accounting and Consulting

Our Process

Taxes Simplified.

 If you are like us and don't even have time to go grocery shopping(let alone set aside time for taxes) you will appreciate the simplicity of the tax return process we utilize during the tax busy season.

 If technology is your jam, this is the process for you!

Note: Not all our clients like/choose to use this process (we DO accept fax, snail mail, hand deliveries), but we offer efficient processes available to anyone who wants to use them!

  1. Call or email us.  We will set a time to have a quick discussion about your tax situation.

  2. Email your documents via secure email.

  3. We will contact you when your tax return is complete and set up another time to discuss your return, answer any questions you may have, and provide any tax planning advice we have for the upcoming year.  

  4. We will email you a form to sign that allows us to e-file your return with the IRS and will file your return that day.  At that time we can also set up an automatic draft for your payment or refund.  We will send you an electronic copy of your return for you to save and use when needed.