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Whether you have a multi-million dollar company, a small local business, or an internet based boutique business, you need professional help with your taxes.  We take pride in our expertise of C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Sole Proprietorships.  




Payroll processing can be time consuming and frustrating.  This is the area that the IRS will be most likely to come after you for mistakes.  Avoid costly penalties and errors by hiring a professional.  Sands, CPA can set your company up on a system that takes a fraction of the time for you.  Let us handle the rest so that you can focus on what you do best.


Taxes are complicated.  If your tax return is more complex than a simple W-2 and your basic Itemized Deductions, then you need professional help.  We have a passion for teaching and believe it is just as important to help each individual understand their tax return as it is to prepare the tax return.    Consultations are always free, so let us see if we can save you some money.


Nobody wants to come under the attention of the IRS and an audit is one of the most stressful experiences that a person can have.  Unfortunately, even perfect tax returns can get audited.  Sands, CPA can take over the entire process and deal with IRS on your behalf.  We will write letters on your behalf, sit on hold with the IRS for hours, meet with the IRS agents, and do any of the other unpleasant activities that you don't want to do.



The biggest expense that a business can have is a bad accounting and bookkeeping system.  Sands, CPA can provide a Quickbooks Pro Advisor to assist with Quickbooks training, a quarterly or annual overview of ledgers and reconciliations, or full Quickbooks support with monthly reconciliations, journal entries, and anything else in-between.  We also support Freshbooks and Peachtree users and will assist you on any accounting platform that you use.



You worked hard for the wealth that you built and have already paid income, payroll, and investment taxes on it.  Sands, CPA wants to help ensure that you can pass everything that is left to your family and the causes in which you believe.